Honda Code P1570/66

honda code p1570/66

If you own a Honda, you may have encountered the dreaded Honda Code P1570/66. This code indicates a battery module individual voltage problem in hybrid models. It is important to understand the cause of this problem as it can be very costly to repair. With the ignition turned on, MCM supply-power voltage must be at

Honda Code P2647

honda code p2647

Regarding Honda vehicles, the code P2647 is a common issue that can cause many problems. This code is associated with the Rocker Arm Oil Pressure Switch (VTEC Oil Pressure Switch) Circuit High Voltage, which is triggered when the rocker arm oil control solenoid is turned off. The causes of this issue can range from low

Honda Code P1684

honda code p1684

When you see the dreaded Honda code P1684, it can be a challenging problem to diagnose and fix. It is a Throttle Valve Return Spring Performance Problem, and it typically occurs when the ignition switch is in the LOCK (0) position, the coolant temperature is at least 158 ºF (70 ºC), and the battery voltage

Honda Code P0301

honda code p0301

The Honda Code P0301 is one of the most common engine fault codes. It appears when the car’s computer detects a misfire in the engine. Diagnosing and repairing this issue as soon as possible is important to prevent further damage to the engine. This article will discuss the causes, symptoms, and solutions for this issue.

Honda Code P0344

honda code p0344

Having the Honda Code P0344 can be a scary experience as it typically indicates an issue with the Camshaft Position (CMP) Sensor Intermittent Interruption. Drivers may be unfamiliar with this error code and unsure of the best course of action. This article will explore the possible causes and solutions for the Honda Code P0344. 💥See

Honda Code P0872

honda code p0872

Honda code P0872 is an issue that can affect the transmission of a Honda vehicle. It is caused by an electrical circuit problem and is triggered when the input signal from the 4th clutch transmission fluid pressure switch to the PCM is low when driving in the 5th gear. This code can be problematic and

Honda Code U0029

honda code u0029

When it comes to Honda vehicles with code U0029, it’s essential to understand the meaning of the code and the causes and solutions associated with it. This code refers to an “F-CAN A Malfunction (BUS-OFF (PCM))” wherein the PCM does not receive any signals via the F-CAN A lines for at least 1 second. When

Honda Code P1165

honda code p1165

The Honda Code P1165 is an issue that can cause a wide range of problems in Honda vehicles. This code is a type of diagnostic trouble code (DTC) and is triggered when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) detects the Lean A/F-11 (Bank 1 Sensor 1) Range/Performance. This code is triggered when the vehicle is driven

Honda Code P0507

honda code p0507

If you own a Honda and have seen the dreaded code P0507, you may be wondering what it means and what you need to do about it. The code stands for Idle Control System RPM Higher Than Expected and is an indication of a malfunction in the idle control system. The cause of this code