Mitsubishi Code P0037

mitsubishi code p0037

Mitsubishi Code P0037 indicates the heated oxygen sensor (rear) heater control circuit is malfunctioning. This code is triggered when the heated oxygen sensor (rear) heater current remains below 0.17 ampere for more than two seconds, and the voltage remains below 2.0 volts for two seconds. This malfunction can be caused by various issues, such as

Mitsubishi Code P0826

mitsubishi code p0826

Having the right information about the specific code, such as the Mitsubishi Code P0826, is essential for troubleshooting and understanding the underlying problem associated with the malfunction of the Shift Switch Assembly. To ensure that a proper diagnosis is made and the malfunction is addressed accordingly, it is essential to understand the cause of the

Mitsubishi Code P2228

mitsubishi code p2228

When it comes to diagnosing and troubleshooting your Mitsubishi vehicle, it can be challenging to determine the root cause of the problem. One common issue that can occur is the Mitsubishi code P2228, which is a Barometric Pressure Circuit Low Input. This code is set when two seconds or more have passed since the engine

Mitsubishi Code P1740

mitsubishi code p1740

The Mitsubishi code P1740 is an indicator of a malfunctioning Lockup/Select Switching Solenoid Valve (CVT). These components are essential for the efficient running of the vehicle, and if any of them malfunction, it can result in engine issues, stalling, and even a complete breakdown. To help drivers diagnose and repair the problem, this article outlines

Mitsubishi Code U0155

mitsubishi code u0155

Mitsubishi Code U0155 is an error code that is associated with malfunction of the combination meter, malfunctions of the A/C-ECU, and damaged harness wires and connectors. The error code is stored when the A/C-ECU cannot receive the air conditioning control-related signals from the combination meter via the CAN bus lines. The effects of this error