Jeep Code P026C

jeep code p026c

Jeep owners with the code P026C should know that FUEL INJECTION QUANTITY LOWER THAN EXPECTED is a common issue and can be triggered by various causes. This code is set when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) uses a Fuel Mass Observer (FMO) Monitor to check the injection correction quantity for exceeding permissible limits and the

Jeep Code C0077

jeep code c0077

When diagnosing your Jeep, one of the most common codes you may come across is the C0077 code. This code means that the Radio Frequency Hub (RF Hub) Module senses low-pressure conditions when the tire pressure falls below or is equal to the low-pressure threshold value as specified for the vehicle. This can result from

Jeep Code C2212

jeep code c2212

Jeeps are known for their durability, but even the toughest vehicles can encounter a problem from time to time. One such issue that can occur is the Jeep Code C2212, which stands for ECU In-Plant Mode Active. This code is generated when a module detects it is in the In-Plant mode. The code can be

Jeep Code P2305

jeep code p2305

Jeep Code P2305 is a diagnostic monitor to verify that each coil-on-plug Ignition Coil has achieved sufficient burn. This code is triggered when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) cannot detect enough ionization on the secondary circuit, which could cause several issues. Understanding why this code is triggered and what solutions are available is essential to

Jeep Code P0513

jeep code p0513

Jeep Code P0513 is a diagnostic trouble code that is triggered when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) detects an invalid Secret key. This code can affect the vehicle’s performance, and the cause of this issue can be anything from an incorrect VIN programmed in the PCM to an ignition key. To help Jeep owners identify

Jeep Code B1C14

jeep code b1c14

Jeep Code B1C14 is an important Driver Active Headrest Control Circuit Open diagnostic code. It is a fault-setting condition detected by the Occupant Restraint Controller (ORC) every 10ms. The ORC checks the circuit before and post-fault settings to ensure the code can be denatured within the same ignition cycle. This code will be set if

Jeep Code C2101-17

jeep code c2101-17

Jeep Code C2101-17 is a battery voltage high circuit voltage above threshold code that is generated when the battery voltage is above 16.5 volts with the ignition on and sensed ignition voltage is above 18 volts with vehicle speed above 6 km/h (4 mph). This code can be caused by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM)

Jeep Code U1120

jeep code u1120

Jeep Code U1120 is an error code that is displayed when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) fails to receive wheel speed and wheel distance CAN C bus messages from the Anti-lock Brake (ABS) module. This error code is commonly found in Jeep vehicles, hence Jeep Code U1120. The cause of this issue can vary, ranging

Jeep Code U110E

jeep code u110e

Troubleshooting a Jeep Code U110E – Lost Ambient Temperature Message can be a complex process that requires the skill of a professional automotive technician. This code indicates a communication fault between the AAT (Ambient Air Temperature) sensor and the Body Control Module (BCM). The causes of this code can span from wiring issues to a

Jeep Code P1757

jeep code p1757

Regarding Jeep diagnostics, the code P1757 is one of the most common codes encountered. Jeep code P1757 indicates that the Automatic Transmission Governor Pressure Sensor is above 3 PSI in gear at 0 MPH. It is important to understand the causes and solutions to this code so that the correct repair can be made to