Nissan Code P1271

nissan code p1271

If your Nissan displays the code P1271, it indicates a malfunction in the A/F Sensor-11 (Bank 1 Sensor 1) circuit. This code is triggered when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) detects the Air Fuel Sensor (AFS1) signal is close to 0.00 volts during the Component Control Module (CCM) test. To diagnose and repair the issue,

Nissan Code P1777

nissan code p1777

Nissan’s P1777 code is a diagnostic code that indicates a problem with the step motor circuit. This means that the step motor is not changing the step correctly according to the signal from the TCM, leading to an improper flow of line pressure to the primary pulley. This can cause a variety of issues with

Nissan Code P0171

nissan code p0171

The Nissan Code P0171 is a diagnostic trouble code indicating an issue with the fuel injection system. This code means that the fuel injected into the engine is incorrectly balanced, leading to decreased performance, increased fuel consumption, and other problems. It is important to identify and address this code as soon as possible to ensure

Nissan Code P0868

nissan code p0868

Regarding Nissan Code P0868, it is important to understand the causes and solutions for the problem. This code is associated with the Secondary Pressure Down (Fluid Pressure Low) and is triggered when the secondary fluid pressure is too low compared with the commanded value. This article will discuss the causes and solutions for Nissan Code

Nissan Code P0463

nissan code p0463

Regarding your vehicles, the Nissan code P0463 is a commonly seen diagnostic trouble code (DTC) associated with the fuel level sensor. This code is triggered when the engine control module (ECM) detects an excessively high voltage from the sensor. The causes of this issue can range from a faulty harness or connectors to a broken

Nissan Code P0105

nissan code p0105

Are you having trouble with your Nissan vehicle due to a code P0105? This code is an indication of an Absolute Pressure Sensor Circuit Malfunction. When the key is on, or the engine is running, the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) detects an unexpected voltage in the Absolute Pressure Sensor circuit. This is used during several

Nissan Code P2101

nissan code p2101

When your Nissan vehicle shows the code P2101, you are likely experiencing issues with the Electric Throttle Control Performance, including Hybrid Models. This code is commonly seen in models with V6 and V8 engine types. It can be caused by several issues, such as harnesses and connectors, a throttle control motor circuit that is open

Nissan Code P0180

nissan code p0180

The Nissan Code P0180 is an error code that indicates an issue with the Fuel Tank Temperature Sensor Circuit. This code is triggered when the PCM detects a fuel tank temperature signal that is either too high or too low or when the value does not match the expected value compared to the ECT and

Nissan Code P1138

nissan code p1138

Nissan’s P1138 Code is a diagnostic trouble code that typically indicates a malfunction with the swirl control valve control performance. This code can be triggered when the engine is running at cruise speed and then goes back to idle, and the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) detects that the actual swirl valve control position sensor value

Nissan Code P0158

nissan code p0158

When it comes to diagnosing a Nissan vehicle with the code P0158, it is essential to understand what it represents. This code indicates an issue with the Heated Oxygen Sensor 2 Bank 2 Circuit High Voltage. Two possible conditions can cause this code to be triggered. The first condition is an excessively high voltage from

Nissan Code P0447

nissan code p0447

When it comes to Nissan Code P0447, it’s essential to understand the definition, description, cause, and potential solutions. Nissan Code P0447 is the code for the EVAP Canister Vent Control Valve Circuit Open, and it is triggered when an improper voltage signal is sent to the ECM through the EVAP canister vent control valve. This