Isuzu Code P1400

isuzu code p1400

When it comes to cars, the Isuzu P1400 code is a common one that can be seen. The code P1400 is a Cold Start Emission Reduction Control System, which is triggered when the vehicle speed is less than two kilometers per hour and the engine is at idle with no input from the accelerator pedal.

Isuzu Code P0571

isuzu code p0571

Solution: Check brake switch signal circuit Replace brake switch Replace PCM Check for a failing battery When a driver is presented with the Isuzu code P0571, it is usually a sign of trouble. The code P0571 is a warning that the brake light switch circuit malfunctioned, which indicates that the car needs to be inspected

Isuzu Code P1404

isuzu code p1404

Having the Isuzu Code P1404 appear on your dashboard can be quite alarming, especially if you do not know what it means. It is essential to understand what this code is and why it may be appearing, so you can take the necessary steps to remedy the situation. The Isuzu Code P1404 is an EGR