Ford Code P0731

Ford Code P0731 is an error code that is typically caused by a faulty 1st gear solenoid. This error code can be found in Ford vehicles with automatic transmissions and can lead to serious performance issues. If this code is detected, it is important to troubleshoot the issue immediately in order to prevent further damage. In order to properly diagnose the problem and determine the cause, it is important to understand the definition and description of Ford Code P0731 as well as related Service Bulletins. This article will provide a comprehensive overview of Ford Code P0731 and how to troubleshoot it.

Causes and Solutions for Ford Code P0731

Cause Solution
1st Gear solenoid harness connector not properly seated Ensure the connector is properly seated and functioning
1st Gear solenoid signal shorted to ground, or open Check the signal to see if it is open or shorted to ground
1st Gear solenoid wiring harness connector is damaged Replace the wiring harness connector
1st Gear solenoid is damaged or not properly installed Replace the solenoid or ensure it is properly installed

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