Jeep Code C0077

When diagnosing your Jeep, one of the most common codes you may come across is the C0077 code. This code means that the Radio Frequency Hub (RF Hub) Module senses low-pressure conditions when the tire pressure falls below or is equal to the low-pressure threshold value as specified for the vehicle. This can result from various causes, such as low tire pressure, a bad tire pressure sensor, or issues with the RF Hub. A table is provided below to help you better understand the causes and solutions associated with the C0077 code.

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Causes and Solutions of Jeep Code C0077

Cause Solution
Low Tire Pressure Check tire pressure and inflate to a specified level
Tire Pressure Sensor Replace the tire pressure sensor
RF Hub Replace RF Hub
Wiring Issues Check wiring and connectors for damage
Corroded Connectors Clean and repair corroded connectors

Low Tire Pressure

The first cause of the C0077 code is low tire pressure. The Radio Frequency Hub (RF Hub) Module will sense a low-pressure condition when the tire pressure falls below the low-pressure threshold value specified for the vehicle. To check this, inspect the tires and ensure they are inflated to the correct pressure level. If the tires are not increased to the right level, inflate them to the specified level.

Tire Pressure Sensor

If the tires are properly inflated and the C0077 code remains, the issue could be a faulty tire pressure sensor. The tire pressure sensor is an important component in the system as it monitors the tire pressure. If the tire pressure sensor is faulty, it can cause the RF Hub to sense low pressure even when the tires are properly inflated. In this case, you should replace the tire pressure sensor.

RF Hub

Another possible cause of the C0077 code is an issue with the RF Hub itself. The RF Hub is responsible for monitoring the tire pressure; if it is faulty, it can cause the code to be triggered. If the RF Hub is the cause of the code, then it should be replaced.

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Wiring Issues

The C0077 code can also be triggered if there are any wiring issues with the system. You should check all wiring and connectors for any damage. If any damage is found, it should be repaired before the system is tested again.

Corroded Connectors

The issue could be corroded connectors if the wiring is in good condition and the C0077 code remains. Corroded connectors can cause the system to malfunction and trigger the C0077 code. In this case, the connectors should be cleaned and repaired before the system is tested again.


The Jeep Code C0077 can be triggered for some different reasons. In some cases, it may result from low tire pressure, a faulty tire pressure sensor, an issue with the RF Hub, wiring issues, or corroded connectors. To diagnose the issue, you should check the tire pressure, the tire pressure sensor, the RF Hub, the wiring, and the connectors. If any problems are found, they should be repaired before the system is tested again. Once all repairs have been completed, the Jeep Code C0077 should no longer be triggered.

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