Mazda Code C1155

Mazda Code C1155 is an error code that is specific to Mazda vehicles. This code is triggered when an open circuit has been detected in the ABS wheel-speed sensor or the ABS wheel-speed sensor wiring harness on any of the four vehicle wheels. If you are facing this issue, it can be caused by a number of reasons ranging from open circuit in wiring harness to ABS wheel-speed sensor malfunction. As a driver of a Mazda car, it is important to understand the causes and solutions of Mazda Code C1155.

Causes and Solutions of Mazda Code C1155

Cause Solution
Open circuit in wiring harness Check for any corroded wires or broken connectors
ABS wheel-speed sensor malfunction Check for any debris or debris obstructing the sensor
DSC/RSC HU/CM malfunction Replace the DSC/RSC HU/CM
Poor connection at connectors Check the connectors for any damage and replace them if needed

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