Dodge Code P0038

dodge code p0038

The Dodge Code P0038 is a Powertrain Control Module (PCM) code associated with the O2-SENSOR 1/2 HEATER CIRCUIT HIGH. This code is related to the Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) element inside the O2 Sensor to attain the fastest possible temperature rise and to control the steady-state temperature of the O2 Sensor. The Powertrain Control Module

Hyundai Code B1493

hyundai code b1493

Hyundai is one of the leading automakers in the world, and a Hyundai code B1493 is a Passenger Occupant Detecting System (PODS) Communication error. This type of error is typically recorded when a malfunction in the PODS ECU CAN Communication error is detected. Several issues, such as a CAN communication line failure, a PODS ECU

Chevrolet Code C0561 71

chevrolet code c0561 71

Chevrolet Code C0561 71 is a diagnostic code encountered when the Electronic Brake Control Module (EBCM) fails to receive a valid serial data message/signal from another module. This causes the module to deactivate the antilock brake system, traction control, and vehicle stability enhancement system. It can occur for a variety of reasons, such as DTC

FIAT Code P0521

fiat code p0521

Regarding FIAT Code P0521, diagnosing the root cause can be a bit of a headache. This code is triggered when the engine oil pressure is below the calibrated specification for more than 29.8 seconds with the engine speed at or above 1150 rpm. It can be caused by various issues, ranging from engine oil and

Chrysler Code P1614

chrysler code p1614

Chrysler Code P1614, which stands for ECU Reset-Recovery Occurred, is a diagnostic system that identifies the cause of a reset after the reset. This code is created by the Transmission Control Module (TCM) software and is stored in Random Access Memory (RAM). The reset can be triggered for various reasons, such as low battery voltage

Jeep Code U1120

jeep code u1120

Jeep Code U1120 is an error code that is displayed when the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) fails to receive wheel speed and wheel distance CAN C bus messages from the Anti-lock Brake (ABS) module. This error code is commonly found in Jeep vehicles, hence Jeep Code U1120. The cause of this issue can vary, ranging

Ford Code P0403

ford code p0403

If your Ford vehicle is showing trouble code P0403, then you may be facing a potentially serious issue with your vehicle’s EGR A control circuit. This code typically indicates an open circuit, which can cause problems with your vehicle’s performance. From decreased fuel efficiency to a decrease in power, a faulty EGR A control circuit

RAM Code C2100-16

ram code c2100-16

RAM Code C2100-16 is used to diagnose a potentially faulty battery voltage. This fault code is generated when the battery voltage drops below 7.5 volts with the ignition on and the sensed ignition voltage falls below 9 volts with the vehicle speed exceeding 6km/h (4 mph). Many potential causes can be attributed to this fault

Saturn Code C0045 5A

saturn code c0045 5a

Saturn Code C0045 5A refers to a Left Rear Wheel Speed Sensor Circuit Plausibility Failure. An error code is detected when a short to ground, an open/high resistance, a short to voltage, or a missing wheel speed sensor signal is seen on the wheel speed sensor 12 V reference circuit. Similarly, an erratic signal output

Dodge Code P1723

dodge code p1723

Dodge Code P1723 is a diagnostic trouble code associated with a Dodge vehicle’s transmission system. This code is triggered when the transmission control module (TCM) attempts to control the torque converter clutch (TCC) on or off status but cannot do so for 200 milliseconds. This could be caused by various issues, such as a short

Toyota Code C1235/35

toyota code c1235/35

Toyota Code C1235/35 is an issue that affects the speed sensor signals in the vehicle. The code is triggered when noise in the speed sensor signals occurs more than 75 times in 5 seconds when the vehicle speed is more than 20 km/h (12 mph). This issue can occur for various reasons, such as the