Dodge Code P3400

dodge code p3400

The Dodge Code P3400 is a cylinder deactivation system that supplies power to each MDS solenoid when the engine is making a transition from 8-cylinder mode to 4 cylinder mode. This system is meant to reduce fuel consumption and enhance engine performance. Unfortunately, when all criteria has not been met, it can lead to a

Ford Code P1783

ford code p1783

Ford Code P1783 is a diagnostic trouble code that is used to indicate a problem with the transmission system. It is important to know how to diagnose and repair this code in order to keep your Ford vehicle running properly. In this article, we will discuss the most common causes and symptoms of Ford Code

Mazda Code P1780

mazda code p1780

Having a Mazda vehicle with the code P1780 can be a concerning issue. The code P1780 stands for Transmission Control Switch Circuit Malfunction (Self-Test) and is triggered when the engine is running and the PCM detects the Transmission Control switch signal does not change its status in the CCM test. The cause behind this can

Chevrolet Code P1887

chevrolet code p1887

When dealing with Chevrolet Code P1887, there are many causes and solutions that can be explored. This code is triggered when there is a Transmission Control Release Switch Circuit Malfunction with the 4T40/4T45-E. It could be caused by an open or failed PCM, a damaged turbine shaft O-ring seal, a damaged TCC control valve, a

Kia Code P2190

kia code p2190

When it comes to car maintenance, Kia code P2190 is an important one to be aware of. This code is associated with an issue caused by a system that is too rich at idle, also known as Bank 2. To understand what may be causing this issue and how to fix it, know the definitions,

Ford Code P0109

ford code p0109

Ford Code P0109 is an error code that indicates a problem with the vehicle’s Manifold Absolute Pressure/Barometric Pressure Sensor Circuit. This code is set when the MAP sensor signal is intermittent or faulty. There are a number of possible causes for this code, such as an open MAP circuit, a short to voltage, a short

Jeep Code P0105

jeep code p0105

Having a Jeep with a code P0105 is a common problem many Jeep owners experience. It is essential to know the definition of this code and the cause and solution to be able to troubleshoot and repair it. P0105 is a code that stands for Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor/Barometric Pressure Sensor Circuit, which is an

RAM Code P226C

ram code p226c

RAM Code P226C is a diagnostic code indicating a fault in a vehicle’s Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT). This code is indicated by an illuminated MIL lamp in the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) of the vehicle and can result in poor engine performance. This diagnostic is triggered when the discrepancy in position feedback sent to the

Volvo Code CEM-B10F315

volvo code cem-b10f315

Working on vehicles like Volvo can be tricky, especially when a code like CEM-B10F315 pops up. This code is used to detect left front position light failures, circuit short to battery, or open. Commonly, this code is associated with contact resistance, oxidation or poor contact in connections, open circuit on signal cables, or short-circuit to

Chevrolet Code P0036

chevrolet code p0036

Chevrolet Code P0036 is used to describe an issue with the HO2S Heater Control Circuit Bank 1 Sensor 2. The code is triggered when the ECM detects that the driver’s commanded state and the control circuit’s actual state do not match for a period exceeding 7 seconds. This can be due to P0030, P0036, P0050,

Chevrolet Code P1682

chevrolet code p1682

Have you ever heard of Chevrolet Code P1682? If you’re a Chevy owner, knowing what this code means and how it affects your vehicle is essential. This article will explain the basics of the code and give you some tips that can help you diagnose and repair the issue. 💥See also: Chevrolet Code U1301 What is